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40 Self Care Ideas for Busy Moms

Life can be hectic, crazy, and all over the place. When you have kids running around, asking for your attention and getting into things it’s busier. I know, I’m a mama myself. So, I know what it’s like not getting time to recharge an reenergize. Having a little time away from everything else gifts us with a more pleasant mood. Getting a small, short break can sometimes be more beneficial than you think. That’s why I decided to put together a list of self care ideas for busy moms.

Are you one of those people that think: I’m only going to get ten minutes away. That’s not enough time so it’s pointless to even take the time for myself. Mama! Do not think like that. You’d be surprised how you can recharge your mind, body, and soul with just a few minutes of separation from the busy in your life.

I hope you’re able to look at these ideas with an open mindset. Hopefully, you understand just how much confidence and balance it can add to your life by putting time aside for yourself.

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Below you’ll find a list of 40 self care ideas for busy moms. But really, anyone can try these in an attempt to treat themselves.

self care ideas for busy moms

Some you can do from the comfort of your home for free and others require leaving the house and spending a few dollars. It’s up to you to decide what you can fit into your schedule and what you’d like to try.

  1. Go for a walk – This is the first on my list of self care ideas for busy moms because getting some fresh air and enjoying the outdoors can be incredibly beneficial for your mood. Try to do this even when it’s cold outside. In fact, you may find that it helps you even more since you’re cooped up in the house during the winter months.
  2. Take a nap – Yep. You deserve it and being a mom is exhausting work sometimes.
  3. Sleep in – You may need some help from your significant other for this one. See if he’ll wake up with the kids on a day he’s off and take advantage of getting a few more hours of shut-eye.
  4. Take a bath – Soak in a warm tub of water, add candles, and enjoy the quiet. Add a glass of wine if you you’re a wine lover.
  5. Schedule a massage – About a year ago, I was able to go out and enjoy a massage day with my sister. It felt good to get out of the house and enjoy the quiet while someone else pampered me. Because it helped me so much, I knew I had to add it to this list of self care ideas for moms.
  6. Paint your nails – Something as small as painting your nails can give you a few minutes to yourself when you’re having one of those days. Wait until your husband is home and have him look over the little ones so you’re not interrupted and don’t smudge the polish!
  7. Read a book – This is one of my favorite ways to unwind and take some time for myself, which is why I added it to my list of self care ideas for moms. If you enjoy a good read or have been wanting to start a new book then do it! Take 10 or 30 minutes a night and read away.
  8. Take a long shower – Something that is mostly non-existent as a mama. You’re expected to hop in, wash yourself, and hop out in a matter of minutes. Instead, take your time and enjoy the hot water.
  9. Do your hair and makeup – This is for you moms out there that love to pamper yourself. Take an hour in the morning and do your hair and makeup for the day. You’d be surprised how much getting ready in the morning can uplift your mood. Not to mention, it’ll make you feel good about yourself, too.
  10. Start a new hobby – What do you like to do? Yes, you’re a mom but you’re more than that too. Find something that you think you’ll have fun doing. Go to Michael’s or your local craft store and take a look around. What peaks your interest?
  11. Paint – If you like being creative, then break out some paint and a canvas and create something fun. Then, hang it up somewhere in the house as a constant reminder as to why self care is important.
  12. Sew – Again, do you like to make things? I would like to sit and make more things this way if I had more time. This one may be harder to find the time to do since it generally takes up more time. But don’t completely nix it off your list just yet.
  13.  Work on a craft – Maybe there is something else you’ve been wanting to make but just haven’t had the time for. Make the time now and include it in your self care routine.
  14. Bake – Personally, I find baking very soothing and therapy-like. If you do too, then take some time to bake cookies or cupcakes while your little one naps or during your self care time. Then, share it with your family.
  15. Cook – Make your favorite meal and then sit and enjoy it while maybe reading that book you’ve been wanting to start!
  16. Work out – This should be on every list of self care ideas for moms. Why? Because it’s important that you’re taking care of yourself! It’s important that you’re getting up, stretching your muscles, and giving them a little workout. You can do this a number of different ways. You can go for a jog, do yoga, or join a gym.
  17. Aromatherapy – Maybe scents have a calming effect on you? You can join this one with something else on this list (like taking a bath). But, make sure you know what you’re doing with essential oils beforehand. Some can be harmful to children, pets, and aren’t exactly suggested for certain uses. Contact someone that knows enough about this topic to inform you how to use them the proper way.
  18. Meditate – I used to meditate in the morning before starting my day or before going to bed. There are lots of guided meditations on YouTube you can try for free.
  19. Plan an entire day – This may not be possible for everyone but I still wanted to add it to my list of self care ideas for moms because it’s a great idea. If you have someone that can watch your kids for a night, then plan an entire day of pampering!
  20. Write or journal – Writing for me is self care. It may not be the case for everyone but this is a must have on my self care list because it helps me recharge by having my thoughts dedicated to something else that I am passionate about for a short amount of time.
  21. Watch a movie – Take two hours, make a snack for yourself, lay on the couch, and get lost in that new movie you’ve been waiting to see.
  22. Eat well – Fill your body with all that’s good and healthy. I’m not saying to enjoy yourself here and there. But generally, your mood will be better if your eating food that is stabilizing and energizing you then making you crash and feel tired.
  23. Lazy weekend – Again, may not be possible. But, just imagine if you were able to have a weekend to yourself without worrying about taking care of the kids or doing laundry. This is a hopeful one on my list of self care ideas for moms but it just may be possible for someone out there.
  24. Girls day – Call a few of your friends, your sister, or your mom and plan a day out. Go shopping and get lunch together.
  25. Treat yourself to lunch/dinner – Go out by yourself and enjoy the quiet to help yourself recharge.
  26. Visit a coffee shop – You can combine this one with others too. Take your laptop or journal and write while you visit your favorite coffee shop and get your favorite drink.
  27. Self growth – Take some time to work on yourself and self-development.
  28. Lounge at the pool – Depending on the season, spend the day at the pool and just relax. Lounge and take a dip. Don’t forget your sunscreen! You don’t want to end up looking like a lobster on the day you’re trying to practice self care.
  29. Daily affirmations – Write out a list of affirmations that resonate with you and your life. Make sure you say/practice them daily.
  30. Take a new class – I’d love to try this one day, which is why I wanted to add it to my list of self care ideas for moms. I think it’d be really fun and relaxing to take a painting or pottery class.
  31. Spa night at home – Put on relaxing, meditation-like music and combine it with a bath, aromatherapy, a facial, and more!
  32. Library day – If you’re an avid reader, then take a day at the local library or Barnes and Noble. Hang out with a good book.
  33. Get organized – This can be so helpful in terms of self care. Keeping things in order and decluttered helps relieve stress and in turn will help you get through your days easier.
  34. Live in the moment – Don’t stress about what happened yesterday or what you need to get done tomorrow. Live for today and be in the moment as much as you can. This may take practice, but being aware will help you in the long run with this one.
  35. Slow down – You don’t have to be in a such a rush all the time. The laundry will still be there. The dishes aren’t going to grow legs and walk away.
  36. Schedule a day a week – Make it a weekly routine to take care of yourself. Knowing that you have a day coming up where you’ll get some time for yourself may help you get through those tough moments during the week.
  37. Geocaching – You may have more fun doing this with a partner, but if you like adventure you may have fun with this one on your own. You can find more out about Geocaching here.
  38. Take a break from your phone – Put it down and turn off social media. Challenge yourself to take a break from all technology for a certain amount of time.
  39. Create better habits – Look at your life and think about where you’d like to see improvement. Then, work on creating better habits for yourself!
  40. Reduce negativity in your life – This is the last one on my list of self care ideas for moms for a reason. As a mom, we’re stressed out on the daily (most of the time) with everything that we have to get done. And sometimes, we have people in our life that toss some extra baggage (drama) onto our shoulders. So, we end up carrying even more than we need to when our priority should be our kids and family. Lifting that weight off of your shoulders by distancing yourself from those people may be exactly what you need to refresh yourself. So, ask yourself, are my friends/family lifting me up or bringing me down?

ultimate self care ideas for busy momsMy list of self care ideas for moms is not only that. While it caters to those with little ones running around, it’s still vital for everyone to take time for themselves and understand that self care is important. There are ideas on this list that will work for anyone out there.

I hope you’re all ready to reserve some time during your week to cater to yourself a little more. You have to take care of yourself so you can take care of your loved ones, right?

Which idea on my list of self care ideas for busy moms are you most excited to try?


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