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5 Must Have Toddler Books Every Child Needs

I love books. They are something I reach for often. Even though I took breaks from them at certain points in my life, I always found myself going back to them. They’re a part of who I am inside and out. As a mother and avid-book lover, one of my hopes is that my children will love books just as much as me. It’s important for me to have go-to and must have toddler books in our library.

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must have toddler books every child needs

I’ve decided to compile a list of 5 must have toddler books that every parent should have for their toddlers.

Starting to encourage my son to read while young is something I have done since day one. I don’t force them. Instead, I choose to show him that they can be fun and silly and teach him about a variety of things. This way, he’s not tossing them to the side out of a lack of interest, but reaching for them out of curiosity. He has quite a few toddler books that he adores and loves and I want to share them with all of you.

Maybe you’re like me and encourage books with your little one too. Maybe you’re trying to find a happy balance between reading and playing. Or maybe you’re just looking for some good suggestions for your little ones. Either way, I’ve put together a list of must have toddler books, including the books my son has loved from the start.

Anthony and the Ants

This was one of his first favorites. He would ask to be read this every single night before bedtime. It’s about an Anteater whose food is stolen by ants. Anthony wants the food. The ants want the food. By the end, they come to a general consensus that sharing is the best way to solve their problem.

There are illustrations of food throughout the book, which is a great learning tool. In the beginning, I would ask my son to find a certain kind of food then he’d pick it out.

He has given this book so much love that the spine is actually falling apart. This is how you know a book is well-loved! You can check this one out here to see if it’s something your littles will like.

Too Many Carrots

This book was an Easter gift and is second on my list of must have toddler books. One thing I love about this book are the colors throughout. They are bright and the carrots always seem to be the center of attention. Too Many Carrots is about a rabbit who has just too many and can’t find a place for all of them. So, his forest friends offer to help him only things get messy and tricky along the way.

I think this is a great problem-solving story. It shows that the first solution doesn’t always work. It encourages creativity and an open mind, something that is very beneficial for our little ones.

Not just that, but it shows the importance of teamwork. By the end, it zooms in on sharing. So many things can be learned from this book and interpreted differently depending on the age of your child. A definite must-have toddler book in my opinion!

If you want to add it to your child’s collection, you can find it here.

What is Poop?

Okay, you’re probably wondering about this one. Before I start, let me say that if you haven’t read my 8 Tips & Tricks for Potty Training post that my son had a little bit of a hard time when it came to pooping. He was afraid of it at first which resulted in constipation.

I thought that getting him a book that would teach him about what poop is, where it’s supposed to go would alleviate his worries. If he saw that ants pooped too, then maybe he would understand it was normal and something he shouldn’t be scared of, right?

This book was ordered through Usborne, but Amazon has it here too. When I showed it to my son, he took an immediate liking to it. BUT, it’s a lift-the-flap style of a book, which means that every single page has flaps that he gets to lift and check out. This made it so much easier for him to learn about poop and how normal it is.

From start to finish, this book answers questions like what it is, does everyone do it, where it goes, and so much more. If you’re getting ready to potty train your toddler then this one of the must have toddler books. I’m telling you! It’s so informative. During potty training, I saw him reach for it himself. He would sit and peek under the flaps.

If that’s not a major win, then I don’t know what is.

Sticker Books

A sticker book is a book that usually includes a bunch of stickers in the back of the book that go with corresponding pages. There may be a spread of a forest and in the back, there will be stickers such as tents, logs, fireflies, etc. Your child gets to decide where they want the stickers to go. And sometimes the stickers are reusable.

This is more generalized since we have a few sticker books that we like. I will include a list below of some that my son loves.

I like sticker books because not only are they interactive for my son but they are for me too. I’m able to sit down with him and we can do it together. It becomes mommy and me time. We’re able to connect through the pictures on the pages and where we want to place the stickers. This gives my son a sense of independence when it comes to making choices.

Your child gets to be creative and use his/her imagination. Not to mention, I’ve seen that placing stickers on paper is great for hand-eye coordination. Win-win-win. They’re also great if you’re traveling or for going out to eat and you need something to keep your little one content.

must have sticker books for toddlers

Here are 3 sticker books we love:

Little Blue Truck’s Springtime

Finally, the last on my list of must have toddler books: Little Blue Truck’s Springtime. I know there are a few different Little Blue Truck books out there. This was another Easter gift that he loved! Why did he love it so much, you ask? Because it also includes flaps. My son loves books with flaps. The more interactive, the better.

It teaches him about Spring and animals. He’s able to learn about mama and baby cows and how chickens lay eggs. Such a fun book with some great lessons. The thing I love about this book is that the image underneath the flap is different than what is above it. So it’s exciting to lift and see something that you’re not expecting or for it to be a surprise.

how to encourage your child to love must have toddler books

By making it fun when adding must have toddler books to my son’s library, it draws curiosity and interest from him.

must have toddler books

All of these books have been used frequently. We’ve read them over and over again without getting old. And my son has loved each and every one. To this day, he still reaches for them at times. As a parent, it’s exciting to know that you’re little one is wanting to learn all on their own.

I hope you’ve found this post helpful in some way. Hopefully, your little one will love these books just as much as my son did. If not, that’s okay, because there are so many different options out there. It may take some trial and error but eventually, you’ll find one that your toddler loves.

If you have any suggestions of your own and experiences with any of the books I listed as must haves, please comment below! I’d love to hear about them and add more to my son’s library.

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