Why creating a blogging schedule is so important.

Creating a Blogging Schedule for your Blog

When I was in the planning stages of working on and creating my blog, I knew how important it having a blogging schedule would be. Since I wanted to monetize my blog, I needed to treat it as if it were work and not a hobby. From the beginning, I implemented a schedule for myself so I could stay on track with providing valuable content for my readers.

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How do I create a blogging schedule?

Look at what your priorities are and then map out where you can fit time in for your blog. You need to commit and treat it as though it’s important. If you feel like you don’t have time then ask yourself this: can I shuffle some things around to make time? Being a mom, I know it’s not easy to fit it into your schedule every single day. Part of what’s important is that you’re trying and making the effort.

After you’ve sectioned time off for your blog…

You need to figure out what you need to get done. What tasks do you need to accomplish on a daily or weekly basis? You must make time for drafting blog posts, then enhancing them to be published. This includes working on the SEO for each and every post. You can find my SEO checklist here if you’re unsure and need a little help with the steps you need to take to make your posts SEO ready. I plan my blog posts out in advance by using a Happy Planner so I know what I need to work on and when it’ll be going live on my blog.

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A few more things I may do on a weekly basis include scheduling out my pins for Pinterest on Tailwind, sharing my content on Facebook, researching how I can improve my blog in any and all aspects, checking my email, affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, and collaborating with other bloggers. These are all things you can make time for in your blogging schedule. Each thing holds it’s own purpose and will help to grow your blog and improve it.

Every beginning blogger needs this one thing to be successful. Having a blogging schedule is crucial to your blogs success! Find out why!

That’s too much. How am I supposed to get it all done?

Some days, I don’t get the chance to work on blog stuff at all. As a mom to two, I know that I need to take days off and I’m okay with that. I’ll time block to get more done. Then, I’ll take breaks in between. Time blocking is setting a specific amount of time aside to work on one thing.

This helps you stay on task and focused. It works great for drafting blog posts. I may try and get 2-3 out of the way in a 2-hour period. You can use time blocking with any task. Use it for checking your emails. You don’t want to waste half the day checking your email. Split your time up and prioritize. In between time blocks, I put my computer away and spend time with my family or try to get house stuff done.

Some days you’ll get more done than others, but that’s okay. What’s important is that you’re making an effort with your blogging schedule. It’s important to keep up with it so your blog can thrive.

What should my blogging schedule look like?

You can choose to pick certain days to work so you don’t get overwhelmed and give up. Typically, I try to work on the days my husband works and on the days he is off, I refrain from working so we can spend time with our kids together. When I work, I do so in the morning hours because I’m more productive then.

You can even wake up before everyone else in the house so you’re not taking up valuable time during the day with your children. I do this from time to time and it’s really helpful. As a mom, you also don’t feel guilty about taking time away from your kids to work. So, everyone wins.

Why is a blogging schedule so important?

If you’re not keeping up with your blog, your readers aren’t going to come back. You won’t have those repeat visitors. And if you’re looking to make money then you need to be providing some kind of valuable content that fixes some kind of problem for them so they return. For them to return, you need content. It’s that simple. If you’re not adding content to your blog then you probably need to set up a blogging schedule for yourself.

Another reason why a blogging schedule is so important is that it creates and offers balance for you. In turn, this relieves yourself from the stress and worry of needing to get this or that done. Living blog post to blog post may have you throwing in the towel sooner than later. With using a blogging schedule and scheduling in advance, you’re able to give yourself some wiggle room. If you’re just not feeling creative or like writing one day, you can take that day off without worrying about your post being ready in time.

As time goes on, and you stick to your blogging schedule, you’ll see that it gets easier. And don’t be afraid to make mini-goals along with your blogging schedule. For example, I know that I’m being successful with my blogging schedule when I’m scheduled out a month in advance with my blog posts. That means having them completely done and scheduled.

For me, having a blogging schedule is pertinent when it comes to the success of my blog. If I’m not rotating the content on my blog, then I’m not doing my job. I’m so happy that I decided to stick to one from the start because of the lack of stress I feel when it comes to working on my blog.

That’s why I wrote this post, because if a blogging schedule can help me then it can help you, too!

What does your blogging schedule look like?

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