Personal development books that will change your life
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Personal Development Books That Will Change Your Life

There is a good bit of my bookcase that is filled with self-help and personal development books. I went through a period in time when it was all I read. Basically, I lived in the personal development section of Barnes and Noble. Any chance I could get, I’d go and try to find the next book I wanted to read. I went through a handful that expressed a big message and helped me at the time in my life that I read it. Not only were they beneficial to read, but they’re books that I would go back and read again.

To this day, I enjoy picking up a book that will help me better my life in some way. I find it’s important to not allow yourself to stagnate, and instead grow with every opportunity you have. Reading is a great opportunity. Below is a list of my favorite personal development books that changed my life.

I can only hope that they’ll help improve your life as they did mine. And maybe you’ve heard of one or two of these before but just haven’t picked it up yet. That’s okay. Another important thing to remember is that you’ll gravitate toward what will truly leave you feeling inspired and ready for change.

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personal development books that will change your lifeBelow is my life of personal development books that will change your life.

The Secret

The first book on my list of personal development books that will change your life is The Secret. You’ve probably heard about this one before since it has been a big hit in the self-care/personal growth department. It was also made into a movie. I found The Secret at a used book sale. One where you paid a certain amount for a bag and could fill it with books. It was the first book I read on my journey to becoming a better me. Soon after I read this, I branched out to the other books that Rhonda Byrne wrote: The Hero, The Magic, and The Power. All are great reads and are sure to get you thinking about your own life and the power of your mind.

Conversations with God

Someone close to me introduced me to this book, and it has been one of the most eye-opening books I have ever read. At first, it sounds like it is big on religion, but it’s not. Neale Donald Walsch writes to God and he answers. The questions and conversations they have are complex and simple at the same time. It opens your eyes to perspective and will have you looking at and understanding things in a different way.¬† I highly recommend giving this one a read or adding it to your ‘to be read’ list at some point. It wouldn’t be on my list of personal development books that will change your life if it didn’t do just that. You can get the complete Conversations with God hardcopy here. Or the Kindle version here.

A Return to Love 

I’ve mentioned this book before in a different blog post of mine. This will have you looking at everything from a love perspective instead of approaching things from a place of hate or negativity. It explains and goes into detail about why love is so important and why it’s the only thing there is. Many teachings come from the Course of Miracles in this book. Personally, I have not read that one, but I’ve heard it’s a good read, too. A Return to Love is on my list of personal development books that will change your life because it’s one that I have no problem going back and rereading. Every time you read it, you’ll take something new away from it.

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Think and Grow Rich

When I purchased this book, I got the version that came with a workbook. I stuck to the workbook as I read this book. It gives helpful tips to create new habits that will help improve your life and change the way you think. You may initially think it has to do with finances and money, but the richness you are getting is in terms of your thoughts and the way you think. You will walk away after reading Think and Grow Rich with a richer mindset to help you carve out and head in the direction of your most anticipated dreams. I’ve personally seen results after reading this book and following what it says, that’s exactly why it’s on my list of personal development books that will change your life. There’s no doubt that you’ll walk away from this one with a more positive and fulfilling mindset.

The Power of your Subconscious Mind

Everyone should have this book in their personal library. The mind is a powerful thing, even the subconscious. And this book takes explains that in detail, giving prime examples to back up every one of those details. If you’re wanting to better understand how you’re mind works and operates in the midst of calling your dreams and putting them in action and just about general things in life, then this is a must read. This might be one to read slowly and really take in, but it’s so worth it. This is one of my favorites, which is why it ended up on this list. The Power of your Subconscious Mind won’t let you down.

All of these are wonderful books, and if you’re looking for a good read during the cooler, winter months then I don’t think you can go wrong with any of these. I put them on my list of personal development books that will change your life for a reason after all. And I wanted to share the list with you in hopes that you’ll be able to find your own positivity in one of them. If none of these catch your eye or interest you, below is a list of a few more self-help books that you may like and have earned a spot on my bookshelf.

Have you read any of these books? If so, did you like them? And what personal development books are your favorites?

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