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3 Ways Blogging Helped Me Become a Better Writer

Part of the reason why I started my own blog was my love for writing. I have only been serious about it for the past year and a half but I wanted something that would help challenge me to become a better writer.

Writing blog posts are so different in comparison to writing a romance novel.

It’s not just that writing a novel comes with more hours of actual writing, being that it only takes a few hours to whip together one blog post from start to finish. (Even shorter if you’re really good at it, but don’t worry, I’m getting there.)

While I contemplated starting my own blog I wasn’t sure if I’d actually be able to do it. I’m so used to writing fiction and developing a plot and making sure characters are staying true to themselves and living up to their potential that something as simple as a blog post seemed totally out of this world.

But, if I’m being honest with you, I am really enjoying putting together blog posts that I know may be helping someone out there or offering them a sliver of balance, confidence, or positivity. And in the process, it has helped me become a better writer.

In the process of realizing that I’m seeing how writing blog posts and content is helping me become a better writer. For that, I’m already totally grateful for this experience. And so I wanted to share them with you! Even if you’re not a blogger, it may help you become a better writer too.

ways blogging helped me become a better write

Passive Voice

This something that I have read about briefly while completing the first draft of two romance novels. To be honest, it always confused me a little. I think now is a good time to say that I’ve never been a pro when it comes to grammar, sentence structure, and anything remotely similar. I know the basics, of course. Something I have read repeatedly is how writing in the passive voice can weaken your work.

Blogging made me realize just how much I write in passive voice. Oops. The only way to make something better is first recognizing what you’re doing, right? It’s helping me become a better writer because now I can work on fixing those errors in my novels before I send query letters and consider the editing phase complete.

If you’re looking for a great guide on passive voice and how you can eliminate it from your work then you may want to check out this guide from Between the Lines Editorial called The Complete Guide to Eliminating Passive Voice. Definitely worth the read!

Awkward Sentences

Yep, it’s bound to happen no matter what you do. But proofreading my own blog content is making me catch them and fix them sooner than later. Sometimes what sounds right at the moment isn’t really correct in the grand scheme of things. My advice: Always reread your work before publishing or sharing because of little things like this. It’s surprising how much it can help you become a better writer.

The more your scanning and editing, the easier it’ll be to find bigger problems in your writing. In the world of being a writer, practice makes perfect. Really. Even if you don’t exactly enjoy rereading your work ten thousand times, do it anyway. Work those brain muscles and train them to find the errors that will help you become a better writer.

What’s important?

When you’re writing something much bigger than a thousand word blog post you’re likely to add in filler. What’s filler, you ask? It’s when you add it extra stuff that doesn’t really add to the story whether it’s the plot or one of your characters, etc. It’s just there, floating around and being useless.

There’s a general consensus of how long a blog post should be. Part of it depends on the topic. I like to be around a thousand words. Sometimes a little higher depending on the topic and if I’m adding in some of my life experience. With that being said, I’m finding that I’m less likely to add filler. When you’re limited with your word count it’s hard to add in stuff that isn’t necessary. I find myself removing content that doesn’t add to my post. Instead, I include meaningful content that I think will genuinely help my readers. That doesn’t just help me become a better writer, but offers my readers more and keeps me rooted to ‘my why’.

how i improved my writing skills by blogging

These are only a few ways that having a blog has helped me become a better writer. I’m almost positive that as time passes I’ll come back and add to this list. Being aware and practicing these skills will save me time later when editing my novels.

If you enjoyed this post, don’t be afraid to share it with your writer or blogger friends! Oh, and if you’re a mom and wondering how you can balance family life while trying to complete that manuscript of yours, you may want to check out this post: How to Balance Family Life being a Writer Mom

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