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How To Be A Goal Getter By Using Lists

How to be a goal getter by using lists even for those bigger, long-term goals.

Being a toddler mom and in the third trimester of my pregnancy, I totally understand and why it could be hard but you can still be a goal getter by using lists. Not just that, but if you have a busy work week or personal schedule on top of everything else then life can sometimes feel overwhelming, meaning that it’s nearly impossible to get all the laundry done. And just forget about those long-term goals that you’ve always wanted to accomplish.

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Want to know how to be a goal getter by using lists?

Any time is the perfect time to try new things that will help lessen your stress, organize your life better, and help you reach those goals that are probably mostly just lists in your mind at this point.

Get started by writing down your daily task list. It’s simple, and chances are you’ve already done it before at some point in your life. It’ll help you stay focused and give you a visual on what you need to do over the course of your day or week, depending on how you’re listing your tasks out. Start with your daily chores and work up from there. Get in the habit of doing this and soon it’ll turn into a routine for you. Once that happens, you can create lists for bigger, more meaningful goals like writing your first book or planning the pregnancy you’ve always wanted.

And please…

Allow yourself to get excited over this. Get yourself a fancy notepad or use one of your favorite pens to write your list if this it’ll help you stay inspired and keep the motivation flowing in. This is just as important as any other part of the process. Why? Because people tend to give up after time has elapsed. If you want to create this as a new habit, then you have to work at it!

I like knowing I can be a goal getter by using lists. I’ll admit, sometimes I fail at staying on track with them, but even if that’s the outcome it still helps me focus on the things that I need to get done. I mean, pregnancy brain is NO joke. Believe me. Having this constant reminder is so helpful for me on days that I have a bunch of stuff to get done, which is usually just about every day since we are planning for the arrival of baby number 2!

All of us can be goal getters by using lists.

I know you’re probably thinking: That’s easier said than done. But, if you really want to change the direction of your life then start writing down your daily tasks/goals and accomplish those goals! Stop listing off all the things you need to get done in your head. When I do this, I find myself pushing things off or forgetting what it is that I need to get done. In turn, it takes longer to complete the task at hand and pushes back the bigger goals we’d like to reach.

how to be a goal getter by using a notebook

So, want some tips on how to get started?

new planner to help be a goal getter using listsBegin to write down your goals. I recommend starting with a daily or weekly to do or chore list so you don’t make it overwhelming for yourself. Then, when you feel ready, start those monthly and yearly goals you’ve been wanting to accomplish for forever. When I first started out some time ago, I purchased a Happy Planner. They have all different spreads depending on what you’re looking for whether or not you have fitness goals, financial goals, etc. To the left is the front of my newest Happy Planner. And they have a bunch of awesome accessories to go along with them like stickers. You can see a whole bunch of their planners and extras here.

One thing I really like about them is that there are monthly spreadsheets throughout. This means that I can plan out my entire month and write out my monthly goals and important dates. So, if you have a deadline coming up in the next month it’s easy to remember. Not just that, but there are pretty pictures and sayings in them as well.

Be specific with your goals. This is important! Don’t just write down that you want to do something major. Put some brain power into your dreams and figure out what exactly it is that you want to achieve! This will help you be clear on figuring out the small steps it’ll take to get to that big goal. It’s like knowing that you need to go to a store but there’s no road that leads to it. Create the exact goal you want to reach then build that road by writing down the small steps it’ll take to get there. Depending on your daily task list, this step may be just as beneficial.

Identify what needs to be done. Understand the steps it’ll require you to take and be aware of them. If your yearly goal is to finish a novel, then you need to understand that there are parts to writing a novel like brainstorming, writing, and editing. Not to mention the long hours and nights you’ll have to put into it.

Want to hear some benefits too?

how to be a goal getter by using lists with a weekly planner

When we don’t physically write down our goals other non-important thoughts invade our mind and take the focus off of them. And it takes a lot of time and effort to be 100% aware of our thoughts. That’s why writing lists are so great. You don’t want your vision (or goals) getting cloudy, because it’ll only make it harder to set your goal again.

One of my favorites is how it helps keep you living in the present moment. What are you thinking about right now? (Or before you started reading this?) Were you thinking about something that happened in the past? Something that may happen in the future? Point is, all of us are too busy living everywhere else but in the moment. This will help you stay focused on today’s goals. Not next weeks, next months, or next years.

You won’t feel bummed out over not being about to get anything done with your day, week, or month. You’ll feel awesome that you accomplished something. And when you’re a mom, this is motivating in and of itself! You may not get your entire list finished or maybe you’ve reached a goal a week past your original deadline, but you’ll still feel good about yourself!

Not sure what your life is going to be like in a year or two?

Writing out your goals will help you see the big picture by sketching out a framework. You won’t feel like you’re heading in an unknown direction. You’ll have an idea of the space you’ll be in months or years to come. This is good if you have big, big goals! (Which I hope you do.)

Being organized is always a goal of mine and this helps that come true. Clutter and disorganization tend to cause more stress, causing us to push off doing things. Having everything in one place is another benefit to writing your goals down, especially if it’s a daily to-do list. You won’t have to think too hard about what you need to get done or find previous notes you jotted down in multiple places.

There you have it.

I hope you enjoyed my post on how to be a goal getter by using lists! Life is hectic, so start small then work yourself up so you don’t feel overwhelmed. Understand that there are numerous benefits. Honestly, it may be just what you need to add a little more balance in your life. Once you start, you’ll feel better about being able to accomplish more. And by the end of the week, you’ll have accomplished more in comparison.

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