allergy friendly products for kids with food allergies
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9 Allergy Friendly Products You Should Know About

The items in our grocery cart changed once we found out that our son was allergic to milk and eggs. I made it one of my missions to find allergy friendly products. It was important to me that my son was able to enjoy food even though he had restrictions.

I go into more detail about that in this post: 7 Truths of Having a Child with Food Allergies.

Disclaimer: This blog post contains affiliate links. I may earn a small commission if you choose to use one of my links to make a purchase, and as an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. BUT, I really want you to know that I only mention products/services that I personally use and find beneficial or love! If you do decide to use one of my links, I couldn’t be more grateful since it helps me keep this blog up and running! <3

There are a lot of great allergy friendly products out there.

You just have to pick through and find them. Over time we found products we didn’t care for and that we still love to this day. Having these products in our house make things a little easier because I know my son loves them. I’m a little more confident in knowing that my son’s food allergies don’t define him because of our favorite allergy-friendly products.

Our top 9 favorites include the following brands: Vans, So Delicious, Silk, Enjoy Life Foods, Go Veggie, Daiya Foods, Earth Balance, Cherrybrook Kitchen, and Wholesome. We have tried these and continue to purchase them. Now, I want to break down each brand and tell you what our favorites are from each of them!

allergy friendly products for kids with food allergies


Breakfast and baked goods are some of the hardest things to find without dairy and eggs, but Van’s offers products that have worked for our son. We’ve had Van’s pancakes, waffles, french toast sticks, and snack bars. What’s better is that they’re free from artificial flavors and preservatives. We usually always have their PB&J snack bars on hand. They’re the perfect grab and go snack if we need to run somewhere quick or need an extra snack to toss into my son’s lunch bag.

So Delicious

So Delicious is a great alternative if you’re looking for dairy-free products. Some of the main products from them that we get are their yogurt alternatives, frozen desserts, and shreds. The yogurt is made from coconut milk, the ice cream is made from soymilk, and the shreds from coconut milk too. The fact that they have so many different options makes it even better. It opens up an entirely new world for people who are looking for allergy friendly foods.


The third on our allergy friendly list is Silk. We get their soymilk on a daily basis and occasionally buy the yogurt alternatives too. Oh, and we have tried their almond milk as well. Silk was one of the first brands we started using when we found out about our son’s food allergies. It’s readily available at our local grocery stores, unlike some of the other products on this list.

Enjoy Life Foods

I’ve raved about Enjoy Life Foods in other posts of mine because it is one of our favorite allergy friendly products. My son never gets sick of Enjoy Life Foods. In fact, there is usually always something in his snack drawer from Enjoy Life. We usually get their mini chips, chewy bars, cookies, and we’ve recently tried their grain and seed bars. I don’t think we have ever been disappointed by anything we’ve purchased from this brand. They’re super allergy friendly since their products are free from fourteen allergens. That’s right, not just eight, but fourteen!

Go Veggie

Go Veggie offers cheese alternatives, but you have to be careful because as far as I know not all of their products are completely dairy-free. Some are only lactose-free, which still contain the protein found in milk. We love their vegan singles and shredded cheese. My son will just eat the slices because he loves them so much!

Daiya Foods

Next on my list of allergy friendly products that we love is Daiya Foods. Their cream cheese spread is the reason they made it on our list. In fact, we tried their shredded cheese before the spread and didn’t like it at all. It just wasn’t our cup of tea, but my son loves the spread on waffles and bagels. We have tried their pizzas too and have enjoyed them. Daiya Foods also has a great variety of products to choose from so if you don’t like one thing then it’s very possible that you’ll like something else they have to offer!

Earth Balance

We use their baking sticks, buttery spreads, and dressings. The baking sticks and spreads are self-explanatory, but the dressing we use as a mayonnaise replacement for sandwiches for our son. They do make products with peanuts so in that regard they’re not totally allergy friendly. However, they made it on my list because the Earth Balance products we use are free from milk and eggs which is what my son cannot have.

Cherrybrook Kitchen

Cherrybrook Kitchen is on my list of allergy friendly products because they offer a vegan alternative for us when it comes to our baking needs. I’m talking waffle, pancake, and cake mixes. Knowing that there is a good and safe boxed cake mix out there that doesn’t require egg is amazing. I’ve even used their pancake/waffle mix to make a bunch of pancakes at one time so I could freeze them later. I talk about that in my 9 Freezer Meals To Make Before Baby Arrives post.

allergy friendly products you should know about


Wholesome offers a variety of products from sugar to honey to candy. We often buy their candy, normally their gummy bears and jelly beans because my son loves them (and so do I!). Not only is their candy allergy friendly but it doesn’t have any synthetic coloring which is a huge win in my book. Their organic chocolate frosting is amazing too. You’ll want to eat the entire container in one sitting.

All of these products are amazing and have earned a spot on my list of allergy friendly products for the simple reason that my son loves them so much. One of these is always in our home. I’m so happy to be able to share our favorites because finding allergy friendly products is sometimes hard. It can be overwhelming especially in the beginning. But, these products make it possible for my little one to enjoy treats even with his food restrictions.

Please know that not all of these products are vegan or free from the top 8 allergens. Some of the products that work for us may not work for you or your children. I cannot vouch for any of these companies or their products when it comes to their products being free from certain allergens. All I can say is that they are products my family has tried and liked!

At the very least, I hope you check out one of these allergy friendly brands and see if there’s something you think may work for you because it’s nice having variety. It’s also nice having the confidence allergy friendly brands provide. For me and my family, it has increased our confidence tenfold when it comes to dealing with my son’s food allergies. Below is a list of links to coupons from some of these brands just in case you decide you want to try one of them. Note: Some of them you may have to sign up for a newsletter or subscribe. 

Do you have any allergy friendly products that you love? What are they?




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  • Monica Preston

    So Delicious has some great cheese products! I was shocked at how close to dairy cheese they are! I also really like Califia farms products. I buy their almond/coconut milk creamers and nut milks only because my daughter is dairy sensitive, gluten allergic along with peanuts, cashews and pistachios.

    • SimplyTallary

      Yes, they do! They’re one of the best I’ve seen when it comes to the cheese actually melting nicely too. Some barely melt, but So Delicious melts pretty well. I’ve never heard of Califia farms products before. Thanks for sharing, I’ll have to check it out!

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